SDG 10

Lebanon: Supporting the Employment of People with Disabilities

INTERVIEW The reduction of inequalities is a multifaceted issue. Since 2019, with the Shabake project, Expertise France has been facilitating the inclusion of people with disabilities in Lebanon.

Founder of the NGO ShareQ

What are the obstacles to the inclusion of people with disabilities into Lebanon’s labor market?

While employers are increasingly open to diversity and inclusion, much work remains to be done to better fulfill the needs of people with disabilities in the professional world. Specific know-how and skills must be acquired to better recruit and interact with them. Getting in touch with prospective candidates and post-hiring assistance are important issues.

The NGO ShareQ, supported through the Shabake project, works for the inclusion of people with disabilities in Lebanon.

How has the Shabake project supported your NGO?

Thanks to the Shabake project, ShareQ’s ProAbled department brought a holistic solution to this issue. We trained and helped candidates with disabilities prepare for the professional world and develop their computer skills. We also offered corporate training in inclusive recruitment and introduced candidates to some of them. Furthermore, employers and new hires benefited from a three-month support period after hiring.

The method adopted as part of Shabake proved very efficient and yielded sustainable results.

What are the next steps to reduce inequalities in the professional world?

The method adopted as part of Shabake proved very efficient and yielded sustainable results. It would be interesting to extend the holistic approach toward inclusion to this method, e.g., by adding accessibility counseling or diffusing teaching skills not only to employers but also to the students who will be tomorrow’s employees, managers, and recruiters. This approach would foster a culture of inclusion where people with disabilities could work, be productive, support the local economy, and live in dignity.

Interview conducted in May 2022

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Achieving SDG 10

The Reduced Inequalities sustainable development goal covers a broad set of issues: inclusion of people with disabilities, the fight against discrimination, and access to social protection, among others. To address them, Expertise France implements projects to create the conditions for a fair transition, i.e., socially fair and economically sustainable development.

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